Easy integration. That's what we're all about.

Just like with your ticketing system support, Be Different Solutions can help integrate with your existing team. We can cover select shifts, or we can completely take over all sales/support chat management. We just need to have our agents added to your chat system.

Supported Sales and Technologies

The Be Different Solutions team consists of computer and software engineers boasting extensive years of experience in the web hosting industry. For this reason, we're able to handle most basic sales requests, and with training from you, we can also cover sales areas of greater importance. These are just a few of the areas we can assist in your sales or online support chat management:

Control Panel Software

  • WHM cPanel
  • Parallels Plesk Control Panel
  • Parallels Helm
  • Cobalt RAQ
  • Ensim
  • Hsphere
  • Webmin
  • Directadmin

Operating Systems

  • Linux – RedHat Linux, Fedora Core, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, SUSE
  • UNIX – FreeBSD, OpenBSD.
  • Windows – Microsoft Windows Server 2000/2003/2008

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

  • Virtuozzo
  • Open VZ
  • Xen
  • VMWare
  • FreeVPS

How It Works

We know you're anxious to get down to the business of success. So we've made it easy to jump right in with us.

After you sign up with Be Different Solutions, our Client Relationship Manager will work with you to integrate enhanced technical support services right away. The process typically unfolds something like this:

Step 1: Chat Dialog Is Opened

Your Be Different Solutions representatives will be actively monitoring your chat system for sales and support requests. Once the online chat request shows up, and it is within our hours of coverage, one of our representatives will proceed.

Step 2: Response

Your representative will respond to chat right after your customer sends the request. It won't matter if we're actively assisting another customer or not. We'll proceed with answering the new chat in an effort to avoid hold times.

Step 3: Resolution

In many cases, Be Different Solutions guarantees a resolution before we leave the customer from chat. Almost all sales requests can be resolved within chat, although some online support chats cannot be resolved due to complexities. These chat cases will then be moved to your ticketing system for your online support representatives to address – or if you also use us for online ticketing, we would proceed from there. Please note that Be Different Solutions doesn't look to transfer chat to ticket. We firmly believe that the best solution is to handle the sales or support issue directly through chat, ensuring that your client walks away satisfied.

Step 4: Transparency

All sales and support correspondence is made via your chat system. Your clients will never know we aren't part of your internal team. Everything we do, we do as a representative of your company

Step 5: Quality & Satisfaction Guarantee

We pride ourselves on being fast, precise, clear and conclusive. That's how we ensure high customer satisfaction. We're not going to pass chats to tickets to avoid addressing the client's needs. Customers grow tired of opening a chat dialog only to have the chat representative tell them to open a ticket. We do the heavy lifting, so you can depend on us to be a core component in your success. Be Different Solutions also has quality control managers who randomly check through chat logs every month to ensure that all sales and support chats are executed to our standards. We guarantee our standards to be sky-high – even higher than yours.

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