We can cater
to unique requirements.

If one of our core competencies is not going to fulfill your requirement, please contact us about setting up a customized solution that allow clients to outsource a discrete activity – or an entire business process or activity across multiple functions. We'll help you define exactly what part of your business needs to be customized…and what parts need to be outsourced. Our customization services will include understanding your business service and support areas and providing the optimization you need.

We can provide custom IT support solutions for almost anything you require that can be outsourced. Some examples include:

  • Small to medium companies' back office
  • Customer service
  • Software OEM support
  • Remote online receptionist
  • Data entry
  • Accounting
  • HR
  • E-commerce sales and support.

Although your employee works from Be Different Solutions' office in Europe, it's you who is in complete control.

  • You decide if your Be Different Solutions employee will communicate and interact with you via phone, Skype, email, video conferencing, remote PC software, internet collaboration tools, or any other means you find easiest and most productive.
  • You provide any required training. If you have a requirement for multiple employees, you can train a project lead and we will build training manuals to streamline the hiring of additional employees.  We try to seemlessly integrate our staff to become part of yours.
  • You assign work and responsibilities to your remote staff. You set the hours.
  • Your employee follows your instructions/guidelines.
  • You instruct how your employee should complete, implement and execute the work. We will exceed your performance metrics.
  • You set project deadlines and build your own daily To-do list.
  • You supervise and monitor your employee's work. We also audit employee performance and work closely with you to ensure satisfaction on every project and assignment.

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