An evolution to success.

Be Different Solutions has its roots in a relationship between a US-based webhost called WebIntellects and a small technical services company from Europe. During the course of that fruitful six-year relationship, the company now known as Be Different Solutions was able to evolve and perfect outsourcing as a service. With the sale of WebIntellects in 2011, Be Different Solutions was born, and immediately began offering outsourced, transparent sales and support for a vast range of clients.

Our core competency is 24/7 real-time sales and support for the webhosting industry. As you read this, Be Different Solutions is discretely and expertly managing the backend services for some of the best-known hosting brands in the world. By evolving out of a necessity, we believe we can better understand what each of our clients needs – much more than any other company that started for an industry they never operated in themselves.

Be Different Solutions believes it's that relationship that makes us so powerfully different. WebIntellects initially went the standard path of outsourcing to India. After trying a few Indian support companies and failing miserably to please their client base, WebIntellects thought outside the box and sought out a new location to co-develop a solution in Europe. The results were immediate success, with churn dropping to almost zero. Rating on the support ticketing system went from a 2.3-star ranking to an average of 4.7 stars out of 5. We learned that a proactive culture backed by people overflowing with initiative was better for clients then a passive culture that over-relies on flow charts.

Dedicated Employees.

Another difference maker is our dedication to providing only semi- and fully dedicated service. Simply put, we're not in the market to work with everyone. We don't offer per-ticket plans. We don't offer per-server plans. And we NEVER share resources with other clients in order to get our pricing down to compete with the lower-end outsourcing companies. When researching outsourcing companies, look to see how many offer these 'one stop, one shop'-style offerings. Realize a person you might not ever have contact with is accessing your clients' data…while doing the same with a few other companies they're contracted by. Scary.

Instead, Be Different Solutions is about finding the right employee to fit into your company infrastructure. This person fast becomes an invaluable part of your team. A real person, with an actual name. Not just some avatar. The result is an individual who is loyal to your company and grateful for the opportunity to work for and with you.

Serious Solutions for Serious Business.

If you're serious about your company's image online, Be Different Solutions is the company for you. If you're concerned with cost over quality, then there are many fine providers waiting to help you in far-flung locations. Just do us a favor if you choose cost first and foremost – Bookmark us. You might find the need to get serious a few months down the road.

When researching outsourcing companies, look to see where the support is actually based. Don't make the mistake of falling for the U.S.-based mailing address. Research where your clients will be getting the end-user experience. With Be Different Solutions, it's guaranteed to be based out of the U.S. or Europe.

And if you need more evidence to support our claim of regional supremacy, consider the following:

"Based on informal client interviews, Gartner analysts found that offshore help desk service voice support services have experienced problems, particularly those located in India. The problems are focused on poor quality that can lead to significant customer dissatisfaction."

Gartner, Inc.
(the world's leading information technology research and advisory company),
May 2008

"When compared to their beliefs two years ago, 58% of companies said they were less of a believer in the idea that working with Indian IT outsourcers delivers value for their company and its shareholders."

InformationWeek, January 2009

We could show you an array of reports, statistics and comments like these to further prove our point – outsourcing with the intent to only cut cost will ultimately cost YOU when it comes to customer satisfaction.

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