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  1. Leonard GeigerLeonard Geiger

    Len Geiger pairs a strong history of sales and marketing leadership with considerable expertise in business operations, strategy and management. Len has a passion for consulting businesses on how to best embrace and maximize online strategies and tools. Prior to founding Be Different Solutions, Len was CEO/Founder of WebIntellects, Inc., where he helped grow the business to support over 25,000 websites and provide services to customers in more than 90 countries worldwide. Len brings 13 years of webhosting experience to Be Different Solutions, including a successful sale to Jumpline in 2011. Prior to launching WebIntellects, Len served as a Ground Intelligence Officer in the United States Marine Corps. When not helping build businesses, Len can be found traveling, biking or spending time with his two children.    
  2. Yanina SlabetskaYanina Slabetska

    As Operations Manager, Yanina Slabetska supervises all backend operations and is responsible for maintaining our clients' high level of satisfaction by finding and training the most qualified people possible. Yanina has been actively engaged in the webhosting industry since 2003.Yanina holds a Bachelor of Technology (or B.Tech) in Computer Science from Zaporoghye Institute of Economics and Information Technologies and a Master's in Philology and Translation from Zaporoghye National University in Ukraine. Her hobbies include traveling, hiking, gadgets and shopping.    

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