True success of a business requires great support.

Achieving true success with your international webhosting business requires a lot. Including a website that is available, reliable, secure, scalable and affordable. But today, it's not enough to be online and available. If you really want to succeed, you must also provide world-class technical support with the right attitude, know-how and follow-up. And your technical support "dream team" needs to support each and every one of your customers with a dedication that stems from true pride in their own careers. Last but not least, when you bring your services to market, they need to be offered at an attractive and affordable price point.

At Be Different Solutions, we understand exactly what it takes to succeed today. And we offer a wide range of reasons to partner with us.

  • World-Class Technical Support: You'll receive the highest quality technical support services available – each and every step of the way. Our people brilliantly blend attitude, knowledge and follow-up to deliver a truly superior brand of technical support.
  • Dedicated & Driven Employees: Our people aren't just brilliant. They’re highly dedicated and driven too. They take great pride in what they do, and they’re in it for the long haul. This is a career path, not a mere stepping stone.
  • Affordable: As brilliant, modern and multi-layered as our technical support services are, they're also available at ultra-competitive price points. Empowering you to grow your business responsibly.

What makes our technical support services world-class?

  • Location: All of our people are based in the United States or Europe. So you'll never experience the many pitfalls of poorly placed, undertrained technical support services in far-flung locales.
  • Expertise: Our company is built and operated by webhosting and technical support service experts. And all of our people are highly qualified and motivated.
  • Value: Top talent. Brilliant solutions. Dedicated and driven people. All at an affordable price. That's real value.
  • Non-Compete: We don't provide services like webhosting, data center support or server, network and application support. So you'll never have to worry about losing business to us.
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