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  • FAQs Regarding Technical Support Companies

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    There are many FAQs regarding technical support companies. You should consider these prior to hiring a company to work with. Understanding what they do, how they help and if they are going to benefit your company in the long run is extremely beneficial. Not only are you making a decision based on your thoughts, but also the thoughts that go into your company as a whole.

    Q: Would it be more expensive to hire your technical support company than it would be to train and hire my own staff?

    A: No, it is actually less expensive to hire us. We are already trained, have fully-equipped offices and employ some of the most highly skilled professionals in the field. We are able to deliver quality services for an affordable price. You also just need to send Be Different Solutions one check, and we will then divide the total amount up among the various workers we have put together for your team.

    Q: Is there anything special that I would need to do in order to work with your technical support company?

    A: You would have to send over some information regarding the products that we have to answer questions about. We would obviously like to familiarize ourselves with the product prior to answering calls. We also would like to know if you have a slogan, tagline or talking points, a preferred method for handling customers and anything else that might be important to properly and fully representing you and your company.

    Q: Will I know how the team is doing when I hire you? Should I be concerned?

    A: No, you shouldn’t be concerned at all. We are fully trained, and we make sure each employee has the correct knowledge of the product. We also are able to show you transcripts, customer comments and even success rates for the questions we answer and the customers we speak to on a daily basis.

    Now is the time to make the decision. You can contact us to find out more. We have a trained, ready and friendly set of technical support specialists who are all willing to answer any questions you might have. What are you waiting for? Now is the time! Improve your company, improve your paycheck and improve the way customers view you with our help…starting now!

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