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  • Support Service: Enterprises Worry Cloud Migration Leads to Data Breaches

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    Businesses are increasingly concerned about security, access control, and the lack of physical control over data. These concerns, in turn, hinder cloud adoption by these enterprises and organizations.

    Despite these worries, a staggering 71 percent of enterprises see continuous cloud infrastructure auditing as “very important” to the integrity of their data, per a recent survey.

    The 2015 Cloud Security Survey, conducted by IT auditing company Netwrix LogoNetwrix, confirms well-established enterprise concerns about the cloud, but also provides an overview of the policies and strategies used to lessen those worries – and take advantage of cloud services despite them.

    In compiling the survey, Netwrix questioned more than 600 IT support service professionals from a wide range of industries, all across the globe, about cloud security, measures taken to secure data, and expectations for cloud providers.

    Cloud security was listed as a concern for 65 percent of organizations, while loss of physical control over data was stated as a concern for 40 percent of respondents. Some 69 percent worry that cloud migration increases the chances of unauthorized data access and security breaches, and 43 percent said they worry about account hijacking.

    According to Netwrix CEO and co-founder Alex Vovk:, “we wanted to find out what are the exact reasons that prevent companies from cloud adoption, and taking advantage of all the benefits it offers.”

    “The survey revealed that even though cloud is not a new technology, the market has a good potential to grow further,” said Vovk in a statement. “Advanced security solutions and true visibility into what is going on across the cloud infrastructure will help companies minimize security risks, take back control over business-critical assets, and accelerate cloud adoption.”

    When it comes to reducing the risks associated with cloud migration, the most common internal support service security measure is improved identity and authentication management (56 percent), followed by encryption (51 percent). When it comes to large and medium-sized enterprises, 45 percent said they plan to establish auditing of changes and user activity.

    Per the survey, 40 percent of organizations say they are ready to invest in newly offered security guarantees, and close to one-third of cloud-resisting organizations say improving cloud security mechanisms can win them over. These figures hark back to the “growth potential” Vovk referred to in his statement.

    The survey also demonstrates enterprises’ overall preference for hybrid IT models, and ranks email as the first service chosen to be migrated to the cloud by most organizations.

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