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  • Help Desk Support: Webhosting Industry Uses Live Chat Well

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    According to a recent report from LiveChat, the webhosting industry is successfully using quality live chat experiences to boost customer satisfaction. LiveChat Logo

    LiveChat’s 2015 Customer Service Efficiency Report demonstrates a surge in customer satisfaction with webhosting companies – from 88.4 percent to 94.95 percent. This ranks first among more than 20 industries studied, with the average customer satisfaction across all industries at 86.6 percent.

    LiveChat monitored more than 65 million web chats involving 8,400 companies and people in 118 countries to compile the data in its intriguing report. It demonstrated that companies in some other industries tend to respond to chats or tickets more quickly than help desk support personnel at web hosts. But it also showed that the hosting industry’s average response time of 65 seconds ranked right in the middle of the pack, well behind support services and web apps – both of which averaged under 40 seconds per response.

    On the negative side, the hosting industry’s average resolution time of 18.5 minutes was the longest of any industry in the study.

    Despite failing to resolve most chats in a timely enough fashion, hosting companies and their help desk support people are making good overall use of the chat tool, per the study. So while they may not be terribly efficient, they are certainly effective when it comes to chat usage and implementation.

    The study also showed that social media may be a more effective medium and tool for communicating about general customer service issues, such as service disruptions, rather than specific service requests or complaints.

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