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  • Managed IT Services: Mobile App Usage Surges but Risks Remain

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    According to a recent report from Yahoo mobile marketing subsidiary Flurry, America just cannot get enough of its mobile apps. In fact, overall U.S. app usage grew by an astonishing 58 percent in 2015, per the seventh annual study.While the overall growth rate declined a bit in 2015, the persistence in a now mature market is impressive. According to the data in the Flurry report, an estimated 40 percent of the growth came from existing app users.

    Flurry LogoFlurry arrives at its data by tallying app “sessions” – which are begun each time a user opens up one of the 2.1 billion devices the company monitors. The number of overall sessions doubled in 2013, then increased 76 percent in 2014. Existing users’ sessions increased by 10 and 20 percent in those years, respectively, as Flurry monitored a surge in “mobile addicts.”

    Each and every app category grew in use year-over-year, with the exception of games, which were used one percent less than they were in 2014. Personalization apps, including Android lock-screens and Emoji keyboards, rose by a staggering 344 percent in 2015; news and magazine apps grew 141 percent as media consumption shifted to mobile; productivity apps increased by 119 percent; and lifestyle and shopping apps grew by 80 percent. Much of these monumental increases were driven by teens and college students, who are increasingly using mobile devices as their primary computer.

    Mobile devices have also been cited as the target market driving much of recent digital marketing growth. Millennials, and their mobile habits, increasingly continue to impact the e-commerce market.

    Increasing media consumption ranked as a major factor in a 117-percent year-over-year growth in time spent on mobile – with this time on mobile devices surpassing the amount typically spent watching television.

    Late last year, we also blogged about a prediction that an eye-popping 90 billion apps would be downloaded in 2015.

    Part of that post covered an eye-opening report by the Information Security Forum (ISF) entitled “Application Security – Bringing Order to Chaos.” That report shone some light on the inherent danger to information, security, and privacy that lies within the ever-ascending obsession with and use of apps.

    Per the ISF report, nearly 12,000 outages of Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google services in 2014 led to the equivalent of 106 years of downtime. The report also highlights a particularly coordinated “app attack” – where 50 different companies suffered a loss of a combined $1 billion in assets.

    The ISF report also stated that 72 percent of company security executives believe their greatest threat stems from “application vulnerabilities” – yet “securing applications” somehow also remained low on their list of priorities.

    When it comes to cybersecurity and other managed IT services, it’s clear that now is the time to address and reduce risks associated with downloading and using apps. When your business or organization is ready to confront and minimize these risks, you’ll want to turn to managed IT services professionals who are experienced, talented, and reliable.

    Here at Be Different Solutions, we help your company or organization find people who are all of that and more. We also make sure they’re based in one of our two Europe- or U.S.-based offices – rather than in some far-off, far-flung locale. Not only will these managed IT services professionals be dedicated, intelligent, and insightful, but they’ll also be proficient in both formal and conversational English.

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