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  • Service Support: 90 Billion Apps Will Be Downloaded In 2015

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    It’s an app-eat-app world out there today.

    But as much as apps are consuming Americans’ time, energy and attention in 2015, the app obsession is expected to grow even more in the years to come. Of course, more app usage means more app downloads. And more app downloads means more opps – as in opportunities for information and data to be compromised, corrupted, stolen or worse.

    ISF LogoAs part of its “Application Security – Bringing Order to Chaos” report, the Information Security Forum (ISF) has released what they’re calling an Application Security Framework. This insight is also expected to help organizations handle the recent surge in application and information vulnerability.

    Just how much has the risk inherent in apps grown? The dramatic increase in app risk is shown in this ISF report via the equivalent of 106 years of downtime suffered from nearly 12,000 outages of Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google services in 2014.

    ISF is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to cybersecurity and risk management research and practice development, and the organization counts quite a few prominent tech companies among its membership. ISF claims that 60 billion apps were downloaded in 2013, and estimates that a staggering 90 billion apps will be downloaded in 2015 (a growth of a full 50 percent in just two years). Even more amazingly, ISF predicts that 270 billion apps will be downloaded in 2017.

    According to the ISF report, the explosion of information this data reflects is creating some serious problems for many companies’ and organizations’ Chief Information Security Officers. Many such officers (also known as CISOs) also acknowledge the risk and need to address the issue, but are not currently doing so. Service support in this area is at the top of their minds, but somehow not at the top of their to-do lists.

    According to data in the ISF report, while some 72 percent of security executives believe their greatest threat comes from application vulnerabilities, “securing applications” somehow remains low on their list of priorities.

    “Modern applications are written in multiple languages and run on myriad devices,” explains ISF Managing Director Steve Durbin. “They can be obtained in minutes with a credit card – then loaded with sensitive business information, often bypassing good security, governance and procurement practices. Organizations no longer have the luxury of managing a handful of applications. Today’s portfolios contain thousands of diverse applications that complicate lines of responsibility and introduce unknown risk.”

    The ISF report aims to give CISOs and their organizations the information necessary to improve governance and risk management – all across the application life cycle. It lays out 27 best practice guidelines, and articulates the magnitude of application risk.

    Application risks, as well as the opportunities for service support providers to help organizations manage them, are clearly recognized in the market. Microsoft recently confirmed it has acquired cloud application security firm Adallom, and CloudFlare announced that it has raised $110 million to fund its own ambitious expansion plan.

    The ISF report also cites a particularly costly coordinated app attack – where 50 different companies suffered a loss of a combined $1 billion in assets.

    Clearly, the time to address and mitigate application risks is now. When your business or organization is ready to address and mitigate these risks, you’ll want to turn to service support professionals who are reliable, experienced and talented.

    Here at Be Different Solutions, we help you find service support people who are all of that and more – including based in one of our two Europe- or U.S.-based offices. Not only will they be dedicated, polished, intelligent and insightful, but they’ll also be highly proficient in conversational English.

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