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  • Apps (and remote support) continue to dominate

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    We live in an increasingly mobile world. And more and more, mobile software applications (known simply as “apps” to most) are a large part of everyday experiences in this brave new world.

    According to an insightful new report, the number of mobile apps originated and utilized by enterprise companies is expected to grow rapidly over the next few years. Even so, development obstacles and challenges will lead to a majority of them being developed externally – thus underscoring the equal rise of remote support and support services.

    The 2015 Enterprise Mobile Application Report, sponsored by Austin, Texas- and Orlando, Florida-based cloud enterprise mobility solutions company Kony, demonstrates that more than half of all respondents plan to deploy 10 or more apps over the next two years – even while most also lack in-house capabilities to develop these apps.

    A New York City-based company called 451 Research surveyed close to 500 IT professionals in 451 Research Logo
    North America, Europe and Australia in early 2015, and discovered that budget and resource limitations, legacy infrastructure, technology fragmentation, a skills shortage and additional factors will compel most of these app-happy enterprises to seek significant remote support and outside help from third-party app developers.

    “There is strong demand for new mobile apps, and companies are broadening their focus beyond core processes and application silos,” said Chris Marsh, 451 Research principal analyst and study author. “However, enterprises are still very much in the early stages when it comes to mobile app strategies. IT is still in the driver’s seat when it comes to both the bulk of internal mobile app development, technology procurement and project management, although line of business want input and greater collaboration. Line of business is also starting to bring a great amount of funding support to the discussion.”

    As they continue to grow internally and organically, many of these enterprises are expecting their IT departments to develop most of their apps in-house, with the amount of development outside of IT dipping from its current 42 percent all the way down to 21 percent (or half of where it now exists) in just two years. That internal development, however, will encompass just 35 percent of all planned app development, while business application vendors are expected to make up 21 percent. Digital agency partners, developer partners, and systems integrators are anticipated to divvy up the rest of the enterprise mobile app workload in a fairly even fashion.

    “The global market for enterprise mobility is expected to grow from $72 billion to $284 billion by 2019, nearly quadrupling in size,” said Dave Shirk, Kony President of Products and Marketing. “Companies need to be prepared to meet this demand for mobile business solutions with proper alignment between lines of business, IT developers and IT management, to effectively manage and lead enterprise mobility projects.”

    In the meantime, remote support services for IT development and management remain in strong demand. And if your business is looking to add strong remote support professionals and people to enhance its suite and scope of services, Be Different Solutions is ready to help you staff up and power up today.

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