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  • Tech Support: Cloud Infrastructure Growing

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    The cloud is becoming an increasingly popular and populated place.

    According to a recent report, cloud infrastructure spending will account for a full 33% of all IT and tech support infrastructure spending this calendar year.

    IDC LogoIn late April, IT market intelligence analyst firm IDC released the Worldwide Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure Tracker, which included the 33% estimate for 2015. That 33% figure represents an increase of 21% over 2014’s 12% total.

    This IDC estimate comes on the heels of another recent research report. This research, presented by Peer 1, predicts that hybrid cloud usage will triple over the next three years.

    Here at Be Different Solutions, we blogged earlier this year about this anticipated continued strong surge in hybrid cloud usage by businesses and other organizations.

    IDC also released a forecast late last year that showed the cloud market growing a full six times faster than the overall IT market. By 2018, public cloud services spending is expected to reach more than $127 billion – a growth rate of 22.8% over the estimated $56.6 billion in spending in 2015.

    The Worldwide Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure Tracker covers eight geographical regions, and predicts that Western Europe will have the highest IT infrastructure growth at 32%. Latin America was second at 32%, while Japan (22%) and the U.S. (21%) followed.

    Many researchers expect cloud infrastructure spending to continue to surge aggressively over the next five years, with an annual growth rate of around 14% predicted during that five-year period.

    In the words of Kuba Stolarski, Research Manager, Server, Virtualization and Workload Research at IDC, per their recent report:

    “The pace of adoption of cloud-based platforms will not abate for quite some time, resulting in cloud IT infrastructure expansion continuing to outpace the growth of the overall IT infrastructure market for the foreseeable future.

    “As the market evolves into deploying 3rd Platform solutions and developing next-gen software, organizations of all types and sizes will discover that traditional approaches to IT management will increasingly fall short of the simplicity, flexibility and extensibility requirements that form the core of cloud solutions.”

    This extensive and extended surge in infrastructure spending bodes well for cloud service providers. As infrastructure improves, these providers can expand into new regions, creating additional opportunities for new revenue streams.

    But what does it all mean for you? And your business?

    If you’re a business owner looking to steer your business confidently into the cloud-y future, you’ll want to be sure to do so with intelligent, experienced and empowered tech support personnel on hand.

    And we here at Be Different Solutions can help you do all that…and more.

    When you turn to Be Different Solutions to meet all your tech support services needs, you’ll arm yourself with the peace of mind that arrives with talented, intelligent, experienced and focused professionals. Your professional tech support people will also be based in one of our two Europe- or U.S.-based offices, and be highly proficient in English.

    Whether it’s staying on top of your game up in the cloud, or protecting against the ever-expanding wave of cyber security attacks, you can keep your business moving and growing safe and sound with the help of our qualified, professional people.

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