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  • IT Support Specialists: Needed Now and Tomorrow

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    Cybercrimes just keep happening.

    And according to experts, it just keeps getting easier and easier to become a successful cybercriminal.

    Websense Security Labs released its most recent threat report in April 2015, and the report details a dangerous landscape where lowered barriers to entry are making cybercrime easier than ever before. Websense Security Lab

    According to the report, there are now three times as many “exploit kits” being purchased than there were in 2013. Flawed infrastructure, an easy marketplace to access these “kits” and their tools, along with the ability to share experiences and techniques all combine to make hacking and other cybercrimes easier to perpetuate than at any point in the past.

    Websense Principal Security Analyst Carl Leonard claims that the “average price for exploit kits” is now around $800 to $1,500 a month, “depending on the features and add-ons” contained in the kit. He also forecasts that these prices are “likely to remain low.”

    In addition to a lower entry-level expense for would-be cybercriminals, the skill set needed is not nearly as extensive as it once was. If cybercriminals and hackers were baseball players, they no longer need to be big-league level to rack up big hits. Minor-league level talent can compete and win just fine in the major leagues of cybercrime today.

    And your business could suffer a major loss. Both financially and in terms of your reputation and trust among consumers.

    The Websense 2015 Threat Report also details the extremely flawed nature of many network infrastructures in place at many businesses and organizations today.

    Per the report:

    “2014 saw the threat landscape expand into the network infrastructure itself, as hidden vulnerabilities were revealed deep within the code base of Bash, OpenSSL, SSLv3 and others that have been in popular use for decades. Shellshock, Heartbleed and Poodle, to name but a few, showed the brittle nature of infrastructure standards.”

    The report recommends that companies’ focus and resources be committed and concentrated on threat prevention and mediation – rather than attempting to figure out where the threat or attack originated from. In the opinion of the reports’ authors, this is the best use of a company’s IT skills and budget – especially when one considers the many ways hackers and cybercriminals now have of remaining anonymous.

    Per the report:

    “Focusing effort on chasing the bread crumbs of attribution will waste security resources that are better used for remediation and defense improvements. Your organization remains vulnerable until IT can learn and adapt from security incidents.”

    Ultimately, the true challenge for companies and organizations today involves finding qualified professionals to populate and perform within their IT security departments. Locating talented, competent and driven IT support specialists figures to become even more challenging as the future unfolds.

    The 2013 (ISC)2 Global Information Security Workforce Study predicts a shortage of 2.2 million IT security professionals and IT support specialists by the time the calendar hits 2017. Cisco directly links the rapidly expanding incidents of cyberattacks to the lack of qualified and skilled security professionals.

    From the report:

    “…reports on high-profile breaches revealed indicators of compromise were often present weeks or even months prior to the discovery of a breach. One of the major factors that prevented those warning signs from being recognized was a lack of skilled security personnel with a holistic perspective. However, finding skilled security has been a problem for several years that is forecast to grow.”

    Here at Be Different Solutions, we can help you find those skilled IT security professionals and IT support specialists. In fact, we can supply them for you. And you can enjoy the many benefits of technical support outsourcing done right.

    The IT support specialists and other technical support professionals we offer as outsourcing resources are not only skilled, but reliable, accountable and hard-working. They are all also based in one of our two locations in the U.S. or Europe – not in some remote, inaccessible, far-flung location.

    To ensure that you and your company avoid the ever-expanding problems that result form a lack of skilled IT security and IT support specialists, contact us here at Be Different Solutions today.

    And we’ll help make sure you stay ahead of the curve. And the many cybercriminals who are always trying to find a way around it.

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