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  • The Future of IT Support Specialists

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    In many ways, the future is already here.

    We may not have the standard space travel and colonization prophesied in films like “2001: A Space Odyssey” or “Total Recall,” but we do have all kinds of cool, far-out and “space age” networks and devices like smartphones, social media channels, high-speed internet access, touchscreen tablets and the cloud.

    But what does the future (including the immediate future) hold for the world of IT in particular? What should businesses and the IT support specialists they employ expect in the coming years and months?

    canonical logoA recent survey conducted by Canonical, the company behind open source software platform Ubuntu Linux, delved deeper into the future (and the present) of IT, and unearthed some revealing and intriguing insights in the process.

    The Canonical survey, entitled “Ubuntu Server and Cloud Survey,” picked the brains of more than 3,000 CIOs, managers, software developers and engineers – all across a wide range of organizations and industries.

    Such a wide-ranging sample size shone a light on what enterprise infrastructure now looks like, how it’s being managed and what it’s being used for.

    The survey found that more than  – a staggering figure that was up from an already robust 64% in 2013. It also revealed that 35% of those workloads were on “private clouds,” with 23% residing in the “public cloud”. The “hybrid cloud,” fast rising in popularity, clocked in at a surging 20% – a sharp uptick from the 15% figure in 2013.

    The cloud is expected to continue to engulf enterprises, too. Just under 56% of survey respondents said they anticipate “significant growth” in their organization’s use of cloud services in the coming year. Close to 52% are planning on building private cloud infrastructure, while 40% are planning hybrid clouds.

    When it comes to building private clouds, the most popular platforms, per the Canonical survey, are OpenStack (with 25.3% of the marketshare) and VMWare vCloud (17.9%). Some two-thirds of OpenStack users said they are deploying mission-critical functions to it, and close to half are deploying infrastructure and virtualized environments.

    As far as hybrid cloud solutions are concerned, enterprises view a hybrid cloud as a smart compromise between the cost savings and technical benefits of the public cloud…and the control and security afforded by a private cloud.

    Public cloud usage amongst enterprises has declined, shrinking from 27 percent in the 2013 survey to 23 percent in the most recent results. Among the most popular public cloud services were Google Cloud (30%) and Amazon EC2 (21.1%), with a steep drop to the next most popular public cloud solution, Microsoft Azure (6.6%). Of course, public cloud still plays a key role in the development and implementation of hybrid clouds.

    The survey also revealed that the “Internet of Things” (IoT) is expected to significantly increase the overall number of connected devices, whose numbers will rise to an estimated 25 billion in the U.S. by 2020. It is also expected to lead to a demand in new cloud approaches to service delivery. According to the survey, the second biggest driver of future cloud adoption is evenly divided between hyperscale and Software Defined Networking (SDN). Hyperscale should uncover new possibilities for growing enterprise data volumes, while SDN is expected to reveal increased opportunities for networking.

    When it comes to hurdles or obstacles to cloud adoption, survey respondents listed security and data privacy atop the list of impediments, with that response receiving a 34.5% share. Cost (26.1%) and complexity (22.4%) were the next most frequently cited hurdles to cloud adoption among enterprises.

    More than half of all survey respondents said cloud privacy and security must be improved in order to allow for the true emergence of IoT – and in turn, enable future cloud adoption.

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