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  • IT Outsourcing Trends for 2015

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    New years always bring new ideas, actions and trends. So what new developments will 2015 bring to the ever-evolving worlds of IT…and IT outsourcing? Several top IT outsourcing experts, observers and consultants told popular IT services site about trends and events they expect to unfold in 2015. Among the highlights of their predictions regarding the future of outsourcing IT services? Better business outcomes, billions in renegotiations and…

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    Among the top trends and predictions is an increase in what many are terming “outcome-based solutions” – as well as corresponding “outcome-based pricing.”

    Susan Danino, a partner with Stamford, Connecticut-based outsourcing consultants and advisors Information Services Group (ISG), told the following:

    “Outcome-based pricing is evolving as a true answer to solving some challenges of upfront one-time investment costs when it comes to contracting with a third party.”

    Stanton Jones, another partner with ISG, told that “more than $100 billion” worth of existing outsourcing contracts will be renegotiated in 2015. Jones also expressed a belief that many of those customers will opt for a newer, multi-sourcing model based in the cloud.

    “Workload (will be) run from the most appropriate cloud, rather than centralized on dedicated infrastructure,” Stanton told “This will also drive awareness and uptake of cloud brokerage software, as buyers look to use analytics and automation to streamline and provide visibility into the cloud sourcing supply chain.”

    As for those robots in the cloud…

    Jeff Augustin, managing director of Dallas, Texas-based outsourcing consultants Alsbridge, postulated that in 2015, autonomics and cloud technologies will meet and mingle deeply. He made the following prediction to the good folks at

    “Smart robots will increasingly operate in the cloud, and we’ll see a ‘labor-as-a-service’ approach emerge as clients and providers find that intelligent tools and virtual agents can be easily and flexibly hosted on cloud platforms,” said Augustin. “This will build even more momentum and interest in autonomics.”

    The report also predicts that “more technology services will be purchased by business leaders” in 2015.

    “As consumer products like cars and washing machines and thermostats continue to embed technology, more and more product engineering teams will treat IT and IT services as core purchases, and will take over those contracts directly,” said Neo Group Senior Vice President Christine Ferussi Ross. “This will split current shared services organizations that don’t understand the trend.

    No matter how these predictions pan out, we can be sure of some changes in the worlds of IT and outsourced IT services in 2015. If you choose to outsource your IT or other business support services this year, we here at Be Different Solutions can help you do so with the full confidence that comes with employing qualified, quality and empowered people in your offshore IT operation.

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