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  • Costly Data Loss: Preventable with IT Support

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    Data loss can come in many ways, shapes and forms.

    It can happen as a result of a cyber security breach, like the several hack attacks we’ve blogged about here recently at Be Different Solutions.

    But data can also be lost due to things like IT support system and infrastructure failure. Or that old world staple that is careless (and costly) human error.

    No matter how it happens, the result is never good. Many times, it is nothing short of disastrous. And data loss seems to be happening more and more for companies today.

    Over the past two years, in fact, companies have lost an astounding 400 percent more data. And in an equally amazing bit of data about data loss, it’s estimated that this loss of data and resulting downtime cost those affected businesses more than $1.7 trillion.

    EMC LogoThese figures and more were revealed in the recently released EMC Global Data Protection Index. The report, which surveyed more than 3,300 respondents from 24 countries, made an important distinction between leaders, adopters, evaluators and laggards, creating what was called an “IT maturity score.”

    Points in this IT maturity score system were awarded based on short recovery times, confidence in backup infrastructure, modern backup systems and off-site replication. Leaders led the pack by scoreing 76 points or higher, while adopters scored between 51-75, evaluators scored between 26 and 50 and laggards lagged behind at 25 points or lower.

    Most of the companies experienced their data disruption over the last year, with IT and IT support companies leading the way at a whopping 67 percent of those victims. Not surprisingly, leaders and adopters suffered less data loss – while laggards suffered the most, to the tune of 37 percent.

    Around 71 percent of the IT and IT support professionals surveyed for the report said they weren’t completely confident in their ability to recover data after an unfortunate incidence of loss. And just six percent of those surveyed said they had a strategy in place for the growing categories of big data, hybrid cloud and mobile.

    “This research highlights the enormous monetary impact of unplanned downtime and data loss to businesses everywhere,” said EMC Core Technologies President Guy Churchward. “With 62% of IT decision-makers interviewed feeling challenged to protect hybrid cloud, big data and mobile, it’s understandable that almost all of them lack the confidence that data protection will be able to meet future business challenges.”

    Of course, many of these losses could have been prevented with better and smarter IT and IT support strategies. But the reality is that in our present business climate, most companies are poorly prepared to deal with these very serious data protection issues.

    “We hope the global data protection index will prompt IT leaders to pause and reevaluate whether their current data protection solutions are in alignment with today’s business requirements, as well as their long term goals,” said Churchward.

    Here at Be Different Solutions, we can help your company’s leaders and employees implement data protection solutions and IT support strategies that make a real difference for your business – and help guard against costly and possibly even catastrophic data loss.

    When you opt to outsource IT support professionals and personnel with Be Different Solutions, you can also rest assured that you’re benefitting from the services of qualified, quality professionals who are not only competent and reliable, but also based in one of our two U.S.- or Europe-based offices. Insisting that our people work from one central location considerably improves not just cyber security and data protection, but overall accountability and performance on behalf of all our clients.

    Contact us online to learn more today. We look forward to speaking to you soon – and helping ensure that your new year is your very best year yet.

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