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    Monthly Archives: September 2014

  • Cyber Security Breach Knocks Several Celebrities Off Apple’s Cloud – and Out of Their Clothes

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    Apple. The cloud. iCloud Logo

    Taken alone, each of these things is considered incredibly cool. And increasingly necessary. Staples of modern American digital life, if you will.

    When you pair them together to create something called (naturally) “iCloud”…what could possibly go wrong?

    Apparently a lot. Especially if you’re a sexy celebrity.

    According to recent reports, the world’s second-biggest brand was recently sent scrambling, forced to investigate weaknesses and shortcomings floating within iCloud.

    Why? Well, it seems that the service was recently exploited by those always exploitive and ever-creative hackers, who reportedly cracked their way into the private iCloud accounts of several sexy celebrities – infiltrating the information of possibly more than 100 female starlets, according to some estimations.

    That wasn’t enough for the hackers, of course, who then went on to publish a variety of nude photos and videos of their victims, who reportedly included big-time names like actress Jennifer Lawrence and model Kate Upton.

    A posting on online code-sharing site GitHub claimed the group of hackers had discovered a bug in the Find My iPhone service – which tracks the location of a missing phone and allows a user to remotely disable the phone. According to this account, the bug allowed an outside user to repeatedly enter password combinations, rather than limiting the amount of attempts as most cyber security protocols now dictate.

    Some media outlets have claimed a “brute force service” called (wait for it…) “iBrute” was used to gain access to the celebrities’ passwords, thereby providing them with access to photos and videos stored in their private and individual iCloud accounts.

    The vulnerability has since been patched up by Apple, but the fixes didn’t come until after some rather deep damage – and severe violations of privacy – had been perpetrated. It appears that it was individual users, not the iCloud service, that were hacked. But nonetheless, this is obviously a very, very public cyber security breach that will greatly affect trust in cloud services in general and iCloud in particular.

    While the general public – including many average American celebrities – clearly tended to view the cloud as safe by default (thanks largely to huge names and brands such as Apple being behind many cloud offerings), the cloud is only as safe as the services that rest upon it. In this particular case, the Find My iPhone service had some serious cyber security issues. Obviously, the only foolproof way to avoid a breach like this is to not use the cloud to store files.

    Don’t hold your breath for many people to go that route, however. The use of the cloud and cloud services will almost surely continue to grow, but this cautionary tale serves as a powerful reminder and wakeup call that not even the biggest services are truly foolproof – and that each and every individual user must take steps to properly protect themselves.

    Here at Be Different Solutions, we’ve blogged before about the inherent and increasingly common risks to consumers’ cyber security.

    The same principle applies to brands and businesses, of course – something which Apple was recently rudely reminded of when the silver lining was striped right off its shiny new iCloud.

    Of course, there are certain steps you can take to protect the privacy and interests of yourself and your business in today’s uncertain online world. One of those steps involves hiring the right people to manage your IT and technical support needs.

    At Be Different Solutions, you can rest assured that all of our technical support people are not only qualified, motivated and responsible – but also situated in one of our two U.S.- or Europe-based offices. We believe that having our people work from one central location dramatically and immediately enhances and promotes security, performance and overall accountability.

    Drop us a line today. And see how we and our team of dedicated technical support professionals can make sure you and your business don’t get caught with your pants down. Regardless of your level of celebrity.

  • The Future is Outsource Support for Your Business

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    The future is already upon us. And it is ushering in many new technological advances. This means more people available to purchase your products and services. However, it also means that more people are going to call when they need help with your products and services. Your phones will be ringing all day with many different technical questions – so many questions that you may not have enough people to answer the phones. This can fast become a problem if there are a lot of them…and only a few of you.

    Consider the future, and contemplate lessening your burden when it comes to answering calls and concerns. This can be done with outsource support for your business by using Be Different Solutions.

    As technology starts to grow, many members of the younger generation will intuitively know how to use certain products. However, there will also be a large part of that generation that “upgrades” to your system. This means that they are going to have to learn more about it. You may not have the time to let them know all the information they are seeking. This is why outsourcing support for your business can be essential. You will have more time to work within the company, while the technical team efficiently and effectively assists your customers.

    This change is something that is going to happen. You’re the company that is going to implement the changes. You will create, manufacture and market larger, better things that enhance everybody’s quality of life. Yet, not everyone is going to be as advanced as you’d like them to be when it comes time to learn and use your product. So why not make sure they have someone to call to figure the product out?

    Make sure that they have Be Different Solutions. Your trusted and talented outsource support team. Your products are important, and we can make them even better. Let our dedicated, trained staff answer technical questions, so you can focus on improving your products for the future. Contact us today. We are waiting to hear from you and help your company grow!


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