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    Monthly Archives: July 2014

  • Spam and Malware Pose Potent 1-2 Punch To Your Company’s External Security

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    In a perfect world, hackers would not exist. Or in the very least, they would not be able to get away with half the crimes they commit. Kaspersky Lab Logo

    But in the real world of 2014, hackers, identity thieves and other assorted online criminals pose a very real threat to every company’s cyber security. And some of the top weapons in their seemingly ever-expanding arsenal include malware and spam.

    In fact, spam and malware are now the cyber criminals’ go-to, 1-2 punch, according to a new study conducted by Kaspersky and B2B International.

    The report, entitled IT Security Risks Survey 2014, surveyed some 3,900 employees from companies of all sizes, across 27 different countries. What it reveals is a modern online landscape where IT security threats are not only on the rise, but growing in their size, scope, range and complexity.

    The survey said that a whopping 94% of companies experienced cyber security issues over the past year, a surge of 3% from the previous year. Total damages incurred from each data security incident also expanded – by some 14% for large companies and 12% for small and medium-sized businesses.

    The survey also saw 64% of respondents cite spam as the greatest external threat to their companies. That nearly two-thirds figure allowed it to overtake malware, which fell from a leading 66% in the 2013 report to a still-robust 61% this year.

    According to the survey, the top IT security priority for the most companies is “protection against confidential data leaks,” which was cited by 38% of respondents. Companies with cyber security incidents lose data about internal operations 43% of the time, while they lose client data in 31% of all attacks, and financial data in 22% of attacks.

    The report also demonstrates that IT security threats – and the responses to them – do not apply in a consistent fashion or pattern to companies of different sizes, or across different business sectors.

    For example, 32% of healthcare organizations were hit with missing or stolen mobile devices – while this risk drops to 23% when all sectors are considered. Likewise, 31% of “very small businesses” are addressing mobile security in 2014, while 24% of all companies surveyed see mobile as a top IT security priority.

    No matter how you analyze, dissect, slice or splice the data presented in this report, it remains abundantly clear that cyber security is a very real and urgent concern for any business operating anywhere in 2014.

    In order to effectively address these concerns, and successfully and fully defend against constant IT security threats like spam and malware, it is also wise to identify and employ experienced, insightful and proactive IT professionals.

    Why waste another moment – and risk anything close to a cybersecurity breach? Drop us a line at Be Different Solutions today, and we’ll show you how you can find the right people to defend your online presence from cyber attacks and threats.

    Because to truly ensure the success of your business in 2014, you need to make sure your cyber security is a top priority – both today and well into the future.

  • Increase Your Company’s Awareness When You Outsource IT Support

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    Increasing your awareness as a company is always a big thing. You want to receive awareness for all aspects of your business. This includes your IT support team for your hosting company. Each time a customer contacts your company, they should be connected with a knowledgeable team member who is actually able to help. They should be friendly, timely and trained at what it is that they do. So how does this increase your awareness as a company to the general community that you do business in?

    How it Increase Your Awareness

    Working with a great company that knows what they are doing can increase the level of awareness for your business and brand. It can make customers and clients notice you more. How? Simply by providing you with one of the best outsource IT support teams out there. Not only will your current customers leave positive feedback, but they will let others know of the experiences that they have had. This means more customers for you, with high ratings from those that you currently do business with. Ask them how you’re doing, how they felt about the IT support services provided, and learn just how well-trained we are.

    It doesn’t matter what type of company you currently run. Any company that requires support for technical issues can outsource IT support. So why wait to receive the many benefits of making yourself more known out in the world? Reach a much larger audience than you were before. Put more of your effort into the actual running of the company, and spend none on the hiring and daily management of a support team. Such a move can greatly benefit you, your customers and your current employees.

    If this sounds like a great thing, consider speaking with us more. We can help you formulate the best plan for your business. Our team of IT support and web hosting specialists are standing by to answer any and all questions you may have. Work with us today and bring more awareness to your company!

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