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    Monthly Archives: February 2013

  • How IT Outsource Can Benefit Your Company

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    There are numerous benefits that you’re able to take advantage of with IT outsourcing. Whatever your business’s needs, outsourcing jobs can provide benefit for each specific area. However, don’t let this blog post convince you—just check out some of the statistics and facts to help you make the decision on your next move. Considering an IT outsource option is a big decision to make, but making an informed decision should be your priority.

    Facts and Statistics 

    • IT outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular with many businesses, organizations, and other top companies throughout the United States.
    • It is more cost effective for the company performing the IT outsourcing.
    • No further need to train employees, have a call center built at your building, go through applicants, and other long processes that you would normally be expected to manage.
    • IT outsource does not mean that you obtain lower quality services, but rather specialized individuals that can make up your call center.
    • IT outsourcing can be a logical way to obtain more for your company, to develop and implement the company’s resources in different ways.
    • Two million jobs and counting are being outsourced outside of the United States to call centers in different countries.
    • Plan better with the help of IT outsourcing to provide a more interactive workforce that will help your company grow and prosper in the years to come.

    With IT outsourcing, your company wins, your employees win, and everyone is able to walk away happy. Think outsourcing is hard or takes time? Perhaps you need a little push in the right direction? A little help? A company that knows what they are doing?

    That’s Be Different Solutions. We can get you on the track to success with IT outsourcing that fills the gaps of what you need in your company. Contact us today.

  • Our Commitment to Outsourced Technical Support

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    We have a strong company bond, and this bond is evident from the moment you hire us to help your company achieve its goals. You may think our outsourced technical support company only follows our specific mission commitment, but we don’t stop there. We follow ours, but we also follow yours. Your company is valued by each of our professionals when you hire us.

    Our commitment is that we provide the best services possible to your clients and customers. You hired us for a reason—let us show you what we are made of and show you our ability to solve the problems that your clients and customers are having. We strive for the best results so that your company can reap the benefits in the customer service aspect of working with them—they should be happy and fulfilled with their purchase.

    Outsourced technical support sounds bad and sometimes gets a bad reputation. But did you know you can actually find a company that does a great job, is affordable, and makes your customers happy? Be Different Solutions is that company.

    As with any project, you need to make sure you’re making the right decision. The life of your company can depend on decisions such as this one. When you speak with us, you will know right from the beginning that we are ‘go getters’ in the field and we provide value to your company.

    Benefits? Sure, Be Different Solutions comes with benefits. How about the benefit of not having to hire and fire people in a call center anymore? How about being able to rely on one company to do it all for you, and not having to worry about micromanaging a large call center on your own? How about not having to train people to give the right answers over the phone?

    We know our stuff—and we’re confident about it. So why not give outsourced technical support a try? We promise to do our best!

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