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    Monthly Archives: January 2013

  • 2013 100 Top Outsourcing Destinations Revealed

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    TholonslogoServices Globalization and Investment Advisory firm Tholons recently released their 2013 100 Top Outsourcing Destinations Rankings and Report.

    The usual suspects are naturally present and accounted for, with India and The Philippines leading the way. And although the Top 10 didn’t change dramatically, the trending towards near-shoring does indeed represent a significant shift in the top outsourcing destinations.

    As a provider offering outsourcing services to Eastern Europe, I did find the following excerpt from the report interesting – although certainly not surprising:

    “The Tholons 2013 100 Top Outsourcing Destinations Report reflects the dynamic shifts occurring across regional outsourcing landscapes. For this year, the outsourcing landscapes of three particular regions have progressed significantly – namely Southeast Asia, South America and Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe is slowly getting more attention from service providers, as respective cities continue to develop their IT Services landscapes.”

    Tholons has noticed more focus on near-shore – which translates to higher-cost locations. This choice is being made by many for quite a few different reasons, but I believe the true drivers of this shift are language and cultural differences.

    This new trend moves the focus more towards a cost-effective strategy – and, thankfully, away from a mere “low-cost approach” that traditionally drives business in the report’s Top 10 destinations.

    Here at Be Different Solutions, we continue to lead the way with this trend towards “cost-effective” outsourcing over “low-cost.” And even more than that, we can proudly claim status as one of the true pioneers and innovators of this sea change.

    From Day One, we have insisted that all of our people are based in either the United States or Europe. After learning first-hand in previous professional endeavors just how many hidden and figurative “costs” can come with cutting costs and corners to offer technical support services in far-flung locales, we made it a point to ensure that none of our clients would ever suffer the many pitfalls that can easily accompany poorly placed, undertrained technical support staff.

    We also make it a point to never share resources with other clients. This is a move that is sometimes made to lower pricing and compete with lower-end outsourcing companies, but it’s not a move we have even considered making.

    Instead, Be Different Solutions has always been about finding the right employee to fit into your company infrastructure. This person fast becomes an invaluable part of your team – an individual who is loyal to your company and grateful for the opportunity to work for and with you.

    If you’re serious about your company’s image and performance, Be Different Solutions is the technical support outsourcing solution for you. If you’re concerned with cost over quality, then there are many fine providers waiting to help you in far-flung locations. Just do us a favor if you choose cost first and foremost – bookmark us. Because you just might find the need to get serious a few months down the road.

  • IT Outsource Companies – Top 5 Reasons to Hire One

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    Hiring any company is daunting and scary—it is venturing into the unknown! You want to make sure you’re making the right choice for your company, and this is understandable. So in this post we will let you know the top five reasons to hire IT outsource companies for your business and why it might be beneficial to you in the long run—even if you’re skeptical now.

    1) One of the biggest reasons why companies decide to go with IT outsource companies is to keep company costs under control. Often, hiring a company to do the work for you allows you to make just one affordable and structured payment to this company.

    2) Quality assurance is usually guaranteed with the right IT outsource company. Normally, when offering these outsourcing IT services, the company is knowledgeable in the field that they are working in. This provides a more specialized approach to helping your customers—rather than hiring and training new employees to be part of your company.

    3) Gain access to employees all over the world. When you outsource, you’re allowing your company to branch out, to learn something new, to put your worries at bay. Take a piece of the world and make it your own when you outsource.

    4) More confidence in decision-making abilities inside the company. When you work with a smaller company to take over a section of your company, you’re putting your trust in them, but at the same time you’re free to focus on other aspects throughout your company. This allows you to add more value and structure to your company overall.

    5) Reduce the risk that might be associated with your business. When you hire professionals, you’re basically reducing the risk in general—in any section of your business for which you hire them. With IT outsource companies, you’re hiring professionals and they will boost that section of your company for you, without you having to do anything but hire them for the job.

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