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  • FAQs Regarding Technical Support Companies

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    There are many FAQs regarding technical support companies. You should consider these prior to hiring a company to work with. Understanding what they do, how they help and if they are going to benefit your company in the long run is extremely beneficial. Not only are you making a decision based on your thoughts, but also the thoughts that go into your company as a whole.

    Q: Would it be more expensive to hire your technical support company than it would be to train and hire my own staff?

    A: No, it is actually less expensive to hire us. We are already trained, have fully-equipped offices and employ some of the most highly skilled professionals in the field. We are able to deliver quality services for an affordable price. You also just need to send Be Different Solutions one check, and we will then divide the total amount up among the various workers we have put together for your team.

    Q: Is there anything special that I would need to do in order to work with your technical support company?

    A: You would have to send over some information regarding the products that we have to answer questions about. We would obviously like to familiarize ourselves with the product prior to answering calls. We also would like to know if you have a slogan, tagline or talking points, a preferred method for handling customers and anything else that might be important to properly and fully representing you and your company.

    Q: Will I know how the team is doing when I hire you? Should I be concerned?

    A: No, you shouldn’t be concerned at all. We are fully trained, and we make sure each employee has the correct knowledge of the product. We also are able to show you transcripts, customer comments and even success rates for the questions we answer and the customers we speak to on a daily basis.

    Now is the time to make the decision. You can contact us to find out more. We have a trained, ready and friendly set of technical support specialists who are all willing to answer any questions you might have. What are you waiting for? Now is the time! Improve your company, improve your paycheck and improve the way customers view you with our help…starting now!

  • What is Offered with Technical Support Services?

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    When it comes to technical support services, there are a lot of offerings out there today. Perhaps you’ve never thought of doing something like this in the past. Times are changing, however. You’re a busy person who has a lot to deal with on a day-to-day basis. With this in mind, you’re going to want to find the quickest route of action to take. However, you do not want to cost your company money or time in the process. This is why multiple companies choose to outsource their technical support services. Here’s a closer look at just what is offered and included when it comes to our superior and extensive technical support services:

    • A fully trained, knowledgeable, friendly staff. They are always on hand, can work the hours you specify for your help line and possess extensive backgrounds in technical help and support.
    • An affordable package that is less than training your own staff on site. This allows your company to save money, which can then be allocated into other important avenues.
    • A complete rundown of how many problems we have solved, including transcripts and recordings of the customer service calls and information regarding the customer satisfaction levels we receive.
    • The benefit of not having to stress over a large volume of calls. As well as being able to leave the office earlier, while reducing the stress from not having to hire many new employees for a technical support service center.
    • A comprehensive support line for you to call when you would like to receive information. We are committed to providing quality services for anyone out there. We want to ensure that you feel comfortable working with us. This is why we have a separate line for you to call to connect with someone from your team.

    If you feel that any of these services would be of use to you, give us a call. We are happy to help you with anything that you may require. We can answer any questions that you have and make you feel more comfortable about working with us. Contact us today to see how we can help!

  • The Advantages of IT Technical Support

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    With so many advantages to hiring an IT technical support team from Be Different Solutions, you will wonder why you haven’t simply done something like this sooner. Learning what you gain from hiring them can make you feel even better about your decision. Not only is this team competent, but they are trained and knowledgeable in the field of technical support. They are there to help. Quality assurance is guaranteed.

    Now you’re probably asking yourself, “What are the advantages that I can look forward to with IT technical support?” Well…here are just a few:

    • Less stress means less time at the office. No more bringing work home with you. You will be able to fully enjoy your private life when you delegate some of the responsibilities to a different party.
    • Save money to invest back into your company by not having to train a whole new staff dedicated to IT support.
    • No need to build onto your current building to place the new IT technical support team. The remote team you hire already has a dedicated office set up and ready to work.
    • Hire fully-trained and hard-working individuals who know your product. They are able to fix problems, provide solutions and be fully competent with the job you give them.
    • Be able to focus more on important tasks inside the office without having to answer phones. You will then be free to implement new products, develop key strategies and focus on the finer things and bigger pictures within your company.
    • Get more awareness for your company. Not only can the customer service staff help solve technical issues, but they can do so in a manner that will make people want to work with you. You will be known for your excellent customer service and commitment.

    These advantages should be something you want to learn more about. And you do not have to sign up for anything. Simply give us a call, and we can walk you through exactly what it is that we do. We are happy to have you onboard. We look forward to speaking with you today!

  • The Future is Outsource Support for Your Business

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    The future is already upon us. And it is ushering in many new technological advances. This means more people available to purchase your products and services. However, it also means that more people are going to call when they need help with your products and services. Your phones will be ringing all day with many different technical questions – so many questions that you may not have enough people to answer the phones. This can fast become a problem if there are a lot of them…and only a few of you.

    Consider the future, and contemplate lessening your burden when it comes to answering calls and concerns. This can be done with outsource support for your business by using Be Different Solutions.

    As technology starts to grow, many members of the younger generation will intuitively know how to use certain products. However, there will also be a large part of that generation that “upgrades” to your system. This means that they are going to have to learn more about it. You may not have the time to let them know all the information they are seeking. This is why outsourcing support for your business can be essential. You will have more time to work within the company, while the technical team efficiently and effectively assists your customers.

    This change is something that is going to happen. You’re the company that is going to implement the changes. You will create, manufacture and market larger, better things that enhance everybody’s quality of life. Yet, not everyone is going to be as advanced as you’d like them to be when it comes time to learn and use your product. So why not make sure they have someone to call to figure the product out?

    Make sure that they have Be Different Solutions. Your trusted and talented outsource support team. Your products are important, and we can make them even better. Let our dedicated, trained staff answer technical questions, so you can focus on improving your products for the future. Contact us today. We are waiting to hear from you and help your company grow!


  • Things to Consider Before Hiring Remote Technical Support

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    There are many things within your business that you should consider prior to hiring remote technical support help. These considerations can give you a better idea of how to go about handling the situation. You may have heard from other companies all about how great they are. You might want to lessen your load. You might have heard nothing but good things. However, how is hiring a remote technical support team going to impact you if you choose to do so?

    Here are some things to consider before you hire remote technical support to help you out:

    1. How is your current work load? Does your workload overwhelm you? Do you have more phone calls, calls waiting and questions to answer compared to people in the office? Do you feel like all you do is answer questions all day?
    2. Is it costing you more to train a team and provide a quiet area in the office for them to work? If you’re spending more money than you’d like, you might find that it can be more cost-effective to hire a remote technical support team to answer calls for you.
    3. Do you think that handing out a manual to your customers is going to answer all their questions? Perhaps you feel that you do not need a call service for technical support? This is an area where a lot of businesses might make a mistake. Some people are not sure what to do when a problem arises. If this is the case, they are going to contact your company to find the answer. If you’re working with a remote technical support team, they will take care of everything for you. At a fraction of the cost you would have to hire locally.

    These are all great reasons for you to at least strongly consider hiring a remote technical support team to help you with your customers. Not only do they come fully trained and staffed, but they are affordable and come free of any management worries or concertns. Less stress, less money and quality control – everything is taken care of for you!

    Contact us today to get started!

  • Increase Your Company’s Awareness When You Outsource IT Support

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    Increasing your awareness as a company is always a big thing. You want to receive awareness for all aspects of your business. This includes your IT support team for your hosting company. Each time a customer contacts your company, they should be connected with a knowledgeable team member who is actually able to help. They should be friendly, timely and trained at what it is that they do. So how does this increase your awareness as a company to the general community that you do business in?

    How it Increase Your Awareness

    Working with a great company that knows what they are doing can increase the level of awareness for your business and brand. It can make customers and clients notice you more. How? Simply by providing you with one of the best outsource IT support teams out there. Not only will your current customers leave positive feedback, but they will let others know of the experiences that they have had. This means more customers for you, with high ratings from those that you currently do business with. Ask them how you’re doing, how they felt about the IT support services provided, and learn just how well-trained we are.

    It doesn’t matter what type of company you currently run. Any company that requires support for technical issues can outsource IT support. So why wait to receive the many benefits of making yourself more known out in the world? Reach a much larger audience than you were before. Put more of your effort into the actual running of the company, and spend none on the hiring and daily management of a support team. Such a move can greatly benefit you, your customers and your current employees.

    If this sounds like a great thing, consider speaking with us more. We can help you formulate the best plan for your business. Our team of IT support and web hosting specialists are standing by to answer any and all questions you may have. Work with us today and bring more awareness to your company!

  • The Many Things a Web Hosting Technical Support Specialist Does

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    Hiring an outside web hosting technical support team can be scary at first. You might not know how they are going to perform. You do not know how your customers are going to take the change. You might not even know what a technical support specialist does.

    Before you decide to go with our web hosting technical support staff, consider what our technical support specialists are able to do for you – and for your company.

    1. Provide 24-hour guidance for those customers that call with a technical support problem, question or concern.
    2. Always friendly, competent, timely and courteous to each and every customer that calls in – even if the customer is unfriendly, rude or mad during the chat or tickets.
    3. Our people are highly trained concerning the advice that they provide to each customer. They will know more than one way to solve the problem at hand. If they do not know the answer, they are knowledgeable and secure enough to ask a colleague or supervisor.
    4. We have many technical support specialists on hand at all times, so there is always a rotation that allows your chat or tickets to always be answered.
    5. Our people are great at working themselves, learning the material that needs to be learned from your company, and can solve problems without confrontation.

    We make sure to make your company and its performance our first and foremost priority. We understand that you want to make your customers happy. We also know that you value their commitment to your company. This is why we uphold a high standard of quality for each and every call that we take. Consider working with us for all of your technical support needs, and never have to stress about answering the phones again.

    No longer do you need a staff on hand at all times. You do not need to conduct interviews. Not when you make the valuable and versatile choice to hire a company that does all of this for you! It is simple, effective and provides you with the help you need without having to do all the legwork yourself.

    Ready to find out what our company is able to do? Speak with us today and learn more about the teams that we offer!

  • Owning a Company That Hires Technical Support

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    The following is a testimonial from one of our clients who was initially skeptical about hiring us on for the job. As you’ll see, however, that skepticism soon turned to appreciation for our outstanding efforts and performance on his company’s behalf.

    “Owning a company is a lot of work and, I admit, it is pretty demanding on someone that is running it. You have to make multiple decisions on a daily basis for the life of your company. If you do not make them, no one is going to. You have to choose how your customers interact with you, receive answers they are in need of answering and solve problems with their products. This is why I chose to work with a technical support team outside of the company.

    “I contacted Be Different Solutions so I could learn more about what it is that they do. I asked a lot of questions, probably too many, and they were all too happy to answer each of them for me. I was happy with the outcome of the phone call, so I decided to give them a try. They assured me that if I wasn’t happy, I didn’t have to use their service – which I thought was nice, since I am not bound to a contract until I was able to get a feel for how they did. They gave me 14 days free to test.

    “Once they started answering my client tickets, I couldn’t have been more happy. They made sure that problems were solved in a timely manner, and that each of my customers were happy as well. I hired them on full time after that, and haven’t looked back since.

    “I first hired them a few years ago, which means they have been going strong ever since. If you have a business, I urge you to give them a try. They are professional and provide a high level of service for any web hosting support needs you have.”

    Contact us to find out how we can help you with your web hosting business. We can easily provide you with some insight into the world of technical support.

  • Why Should I Choose to Work with Online Technical Support?

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    There are numerous reasons why working with online technical support may be beneficial. Not only for you, but for your company and also the customers who call and wish to speak with someone. By working with an online technical support team, you’re receiving many benefits , including not having to hire a whole crew near you to do the job. Here are some of the great reasons to contact us:

    • No need to worry about training a new team of new workers at your job site. We provide fully trained professionals to attend to each and every technical support call that comes in.
    • You only need to pay our team a fraction of the price that it would cost you to pay new employees for training, work and benefits.
    • We provide not only highly skilled specialists, but each of them is committed to providing only the best in customer service. You will never worry about a complaint against your company.
    • We understand the importance of your company, which is why we make sure our team knows who you are, your mission and what they can pass along to customers.
    • No need to stress about not having an online technical support team to answer tickets or emails when they are needed.
    • Happier customers, since they were able to get a hold of someone when they called, while also able to solve the problem they were having at the time.
    • No need to allocate additional funds towards computer software, computers, desks and chairs – or anything else that is needed for a technical support team. Our team comes with everything and is ready to answer calls for you now!

    If these benefits did not convince you, we invite you to give us a call. Not only can we answer all of your questions, but you can feel confident knowing that we are a highly-rated online technical support team. We have historically been hired by many well-known companies throughout the world. We strive for excellence, and that is what your company will receive in return. Contact us today to get started!

  • Why I Chose to Work with Tech Support Outsource

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    We love receiving testimonials or getting feedback when we ask for it. This is what we just received from a new client.

    “I chose to work with tech support outsource services, and this proved to be a successful choice on my part. Not only was the Be Different Solutions trustworthy, but they made sure that my needs came first when it came to working with them. They were able to put together a team and provide me with the help that I was in need of – from the very moment I called and set up this service.

    “So what did I get from this tech support outsource service? Well, the team that was assigned to my company was informed, instructed and placed on tour ticketing system right away. All of my customers were connected to this team, which is then able to provide the precise tech support that is needed. They did a great job, and my clients always seem to be extremely happy with the job that is being done. They were able to get their problems fixed in a friendly way – free of any problems. This is something I didn’t expect to receive when I first thought about using tech support outsource help.

    “A lot of people might think that this is something that shouldn’t be done, or cannot be done when it comes to the services that they are able to provide – but those people would be wrong. In fact, you’re able to get so much out of tech support outsource services, you’ll wonder why you haven’t used such services before. As we did.”

    Be Different Solutions is affordable, dependable, reliable, and can provide you with award-winning services through our trained and knowledgeable staff. This superior staff is always on hand, and always ready to go when you need us.

    Want to know more? Just contact us and we’ll be able to walk you through what you need to do to get started with your own tech support outsource team.

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