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  • Digital Payments Expected To Reach $4.7 Trillion By 2019

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    According to a recent report by analyst firm Juniper Research, digital payment will reach
    anastounding $4.7 trillion by 2019 – a steep increase from the anticipated $2.5 trillion in 2014.Juniper Research Logo

    The report, entitled “Digital Payment Strategies: Online, Mobile & Contactless 2014-2019,” claims that the largest net growth in spending will come via remote purchases of physical goods.

    The report also points out that, for the first time ever, combined transactions on mobile devices and tablets will exceed those made on desktops and laptops put together.

    Desktop computers, it seems, are becoming something closer to an endangered species. Laptops are getting smaller and thinner, and many people are simply opting to use touchscreen-based tablets and smartphones for their primary computing wants and needs.

    The world is becoming more and more mobile. And commerce is coming along for the ride.

    This astounding rise in “electronic commerce” and “mobile commerce” (or “e-commerce” and “m-commerce” for short) will of course mean many things for web hosting providers – putting additional pressure on them to meet not only increased demand, but ever-increasing consumer expectations as well.

    From developing expansion strategies to ensuring compliance to accompanying alternate digital payments, web hosting providers will have a longer and longer “to do list” as e-commerce and m-commerce continue to gain worldwide momentum and become more of a mainstay in everyday life.

    These sea changes will deeply effect more than merely web hosting providers, of course. They will apply additional pressure to each and every business and brand, making it more and more important to not only have a sharp, intuitive and informative website – but one capable of many ecommerce functions as well.

    To do so, a business must have not just a smart and flexible business plan, but a powerful webhosting platform and provider as well.

    If you’re ready to take the next step – and ensure that your business is ready for the next wave of consumer activity – drop us a line at Be Different Solutions. We can help you properly plan for what lies ahead on the horizon. And empower you to meet and exceed all your individual business goals and objectives.

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