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  • Hostgator Outage Reveals Possible Outsourcing Data Center Flaws

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    Host GatorHere on our blog we previously informed our readers about a rogue Hostgator employee who was arrested and charged with rooting 2,700 servers. Several months later, Hostgator is in the news again – and once again, it’s not the kind of publicity the company would hope for.

    According to a recent blog post on Web Host Industry Review, Hostgator experienced “an issue at one of its data centers” that necessitated the company isolating affected servers before later “restoring services…for the majority of its affected shared and VPS customers.”

    The post also went on to claim that since Hostgator moved away from SoftLayer data centers and was acquired by Endurance International Group, “many Hostgator customers have reported downgraded services.” Those “service downgrades” reportedly included Hostgator customers in Ace Data Centers’ Provo, Utah-based facility experiencing an outage due to network issues.

    These recent data center outages certainly don’t do the Hostgator brand any favors. But beyond that, they should serve as powerful reminders that data centers – and the massive amounts of valuable data that are housed in each of those centers and their servers – are always vulnerable to errors, losses and theft.

    These costly setbacks could revolve around nefarious, human-driven wrongdoing, such as the case of the rogue employee who rooted the servers. Or they could consist of more random, electronic errors, as we see in these recent examples of data center outages.

    Here at Be Different Solutions, we always advise our clients and customers to practice due diligence when outsourcing data center needs, any of your technical services, or turning your company’s data over to an outside entity.

    It’s important to remember that just like in any industry, cutting costs often means cutting corners too. So whether it’s utilizing employees based in far-flung locales, or downgrading quality control practices at once-well-maintained data centers, you’ll want to be careful to avoid trusting your company’s IT and data protection services to anybody who doesn’t truly value quality and customer service.

    In short, be careful who you trust today. And don’t over-rely on name recognition or sticker price when it comes time to choose a IT technical support or outsourcing data center needs.

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