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  • Look Out For “Cheap-As-Chips” And “Rubbish” Outsourced Web Hosting Support – In The U.S. Or The U.K.

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    Huff Post Tech

    In 2013, outsourcing web hosting support isn’t just popular in the United States.

    It’s also become a routine activity for many U.K.-based businesses too.

    In a recent blog on the U.K. version of The Huffington Post, author Daley James Francis took a look at “choosing the best web hosting.”

    In charming British fashion, Francis cautioned blog readers against signing up with “rubbish” web hosting companies who “promise the world for very little in return.”

    One of Francis’ big concerns involved the many “cheap-as-chips” web hosting providers, and he wisely reminds readers that “there is a difference between a cheap deal and a good deal. Cheap isn’t necessarily best.”

    Here at Be Different Solutions, we’ve long offered similar advice – although we’re partial to cheesesteaks over chips, and more likely to call such el cheapo hosting companies “trash” than “rubbish.”  But the point stands. You get what you pay for in life, and this applies as much to  outsourced web hosting support as it does to anything else. While price should always be a factor in deciding how to manage your business, online and off, it’s also always wise to remember what matters most.

    Another strong suggestion Francis offers to his U.K. readers is “always check the small print when you’re looking at hosting packages.” He goes on to talk about how many hosting packages hide rates for things like “24/7 Support” or “Tech Support” in attempts to confuse consumers into thinking they’re getting a great “total package” deal up front…when in fact, they’re really just paying for the bare bones up front, and setting themselves up to get hit with larger “a la carte” bills down the line.

    What Francis doesn’t get into in his otherwise helpful and informative blog post are the many issues that arise not just when these services are left out or added on after the purchase point, but what happens when you DO take advantage of a provider’s outsourced web hosting support.

    One of these main issues involves dealing with underpaid, under-motivated technical support people – many of them operating with legal immunity and little or no professional supervision in far-flung locales. And even if these tech support people ARE inspired and eager to do great work on your behalf, there’s often serious language and cultural barriers at play. These factors can lead to difficult, even infuriating interactions, and at times prove extremely costly to your business, provided the wrong thing gets “lost in translation.”

    When you sign on with Be Different Solutions to handle your outsourced web hosting support, you’re guaranteed to deal only with supervised, driven, experienced and English-speaking tech support people. And you’re also guaranteed of getting all this and more at a rate that won’t break the bank. Or feature any ugly hidden charges.

    These are just a few of the many ways we do things differently from some of the “cheap-as-chips” and “rubbish” web hosting and technical support providers out there. Contact us today to learn more!

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