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  • Privacy and security disadvantages of outsourcing technical support

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    secure outsourcingWhen it comes to outsourcing technical support, data privacy and security are not new concerns. In fact, they’ve pretty much always been top-of-mind when someone is considering outsourcing options. And for good reason, they serve as possible disadvantages of outsourcing technical support.

    Any time there is a transfer of sensitive and confidential information, or remote access is granted to private and confidential client information, concerns about a leakage or abuse of access will arise. That’s just human nature. It makes perfect sense.

    For those who actively and vocally stand and speak out against outsourcing, data privacy and security are cited as among the main reasons to curb or eliminate outsourcing altogether. Many people are especially unsure about the data privacy and security laws in far-flung countries and locales like India, and this uncertainty is a serious deterrent to their consideration of outsourcing.

    It should be noted, however, that companies in the U.S. and the U.K. are under increasing pressure from legislation that insists they must guarantee the privacy of their customers’ information, with the most important being financial and medical data.

    When a company decides to go with an outsourcing option based in a faraway and remote locate, they are essentially placing their “trust” in a provider based somewhere far across the globe ­– and hoping someone making $2.00 an hour won’t decide to “peek” inside a client record to snare something like credit card information.

    At Be Different Solutions, we don’t view this as a smart way to do business. That’s why all of our people are not only highly qualified and motivated, but also all based in the United States or Europe. That way, you’ll never have to experience the many pitfalls of poorly placed, undertrained and underpaid technical support services in far-flung locales.

    And you’ll never have to worry about someone looking to make a few extra dollars on the side plotting to steal sensitive information – and doing so with confidence that they can get away with it, or face little to no consequences if they were caught in the act.

    Contact us today to learn more about how Be Different Solutions can help you alleviate any and all concerns and worries when it comes to outsourcing technical support.

    We’ll help you find the right employee or employees to fit into your company infrastructure. A real person, with an actual name, who can fast become an invaluable part of your team. And a person who will prove to be loyal to your company and worthy of your trust.

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