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  • Information Technology Outsourcing – Questions to Ask the Provider

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    Prior to hiring anyone for a job, you will have numerous questions to ask them. You want to know about the company and personnel you will be hiring. Knowing whom you hire is always an important facet for a company, since you need to know if the applicant is a team player and committed to working with your current staff. These questions are important for anyone who is being hired for a position within your company—even for a company offering information technology outsourcing…

    Q: How long has your company been in business?
    A: Be Different Solutions have been providing information technology outsourcing services to our clients for a number of years and has experience in the field dating back to 1999. Each year that we have been in business we have grown and advanced in our knowledge and our services have benefitted. We strive for the best results with each of our clients, so you can expect nothing but the best.

    Q: Do you have any specialties?
    A: Each of our employees has a specialty that they portray when it comes to answering technical service tickets or chats. Our speciality is in the web hosting niche. Be Different Solutions has career-oriented professionals on hand who are able to address any web hosting related ticket or chat in quick order, while also being able to solve the specific issue the first time around. We do not pass the problem down the road. Nothing is better than a happy, satisfied customer that has had their problem solved upon first request!

    Q: Do you offer customized support services, or is it just a one and done type of deal?
    A: Many companies like the one and done type of operations where they focus on a core area because they do not have the expertise outside it. We do not so we behave differently so we are able to provide those custom services. If you represent a company that wants something a little more specialized and tailored to your needs, then we also provide customizable services. You can choose from other internet technology outsourcing services that perhaps you’d like to have performed, such as HR, accounting, data entry, E-commerce sales and support, and any other odd areas that need to be covered within your company.

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