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  • Dell outsourcing problem leads recall from India after complaints in 2003. Has much changed in 2013?

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    Dell-IndiaSo you’ve decided to outsource your technical support.

    Now what?

    When deciding exactly which direction to turn once you’ve make the decision to outsource, it’s important to learn from past experiences.

    As far back as 2003 – a decade ago now – companies were learning exactly what can happen to customer satisfaction when you decide to cut corners and go on the cheap when it comes to outsourcing technical support.

    Ecommerce Times chronicled a Dell outsourcing problem during that particular year. The following excerpt from the article explains a good bit of the background:

    “In a move that could dampen the tech sector’s unbridled enthusiasm for low-cost outsourcing, Dell said it would stop routing some customer-support requests to call centers in India after customers complained about the quality of service.

    Dell said it had received some complaints about the technical support through the overseas support center, with one executive saying that customers reacted unfavorably to the fact that Dell had changed how it handled those calls.

    Analysts said that the Dell example might give some companies pause, especially given the extremely competitive nature of the personal computer market in which strong customer service can distinguish one company from another.

    Still, the trend toward outsourcing is likely to continue and efforts in India and other overseas locations are already underway to address the concerns of U.S. customers to make them feel more comfortable with the support they’re receiving.”

    Some things never change. And many of these concerns that existed – and hamstrung a then-booming Dell – back in 2003 still exist today, in 2013.

    The Dell outsourcing problem was not isolated. The bottom line is that companies should be extremely wary of low-cost solutions from far-flung and remote locations like India…and choose more cost-effective options that allow for competition while simultaneously ensuring that the entire concept of customer service is not compromised.

    That’s why all of our people at Be Different Solutions are not only highly qualified and motivated, but also all based in the United States or Europe.  That way, you’ll never have to experience the many pitfalls of poorly placed, undertrained and underpaid technical support services in far-flung locales.

    Contact us today to help ensure you don’t end up getting what Dell – and its unsatisfied customers – got back in 2003. And make 2013 the year you took your company’s technical support services to the next level of excellence.

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