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  • Evaluating the advantages of outsourcing technical support

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    As today’s companies seek – and at times struggle – to hire and retain quality IT staff, provide a high level of internal customer support, and reduce overall operating costs, more and more are turning to an external service provider to develop and manage their computing infrastructure (i.e. “outsourcing”).

    Instead of investing heavily in internal resources, these companies are able to focus on their core business competencies while outsourcing their IT challenges to a trusted third-party service provider.

    This decision to outsource can bring multiple advantages to an organization. The advantages of outsourcing technical support include, but are not limited to:

    • Improved level of support offered to end-users

    • Improved focus on core business

    • Reduced operating costs

    • Reduced time responding to desktop incidents

    • Improved system reliability

    Ultimately, the decision to outsource the ongoing support and management of your company’s IT infrastructure may rest with the realization that you simply do not have the resources — be it time, personnel, and/or financial — to do everything yourself.

    A recent study forecasted that 92% of organizations using infrastructure management services from an external vendor will either increase or maintain the value of their contracts over the next 12 months.

    The study also predicted that the overall number of companies turning to external service firms to manage their computing infrastructure on an ongoing, 24/7 basis will continue to rise.

    The advantages of outsourcing technical support have been proven. If you decide to join this growing trend toward outsourcing, contact us here at Be Different Solutions. We can show you how to do it the right way.

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