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  • 10 IT outsourcing disadvantages according to TechRepublic

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    Jack Wallen wrote an article for TechRepublic that we here at Be Different Solutions found to be quite compelling and accurate in regards to commonly encountered outsourcing problems.TechRepublic Logo

    Of the 10 IT outsourcing disadvantages and problems outlined in the article, we identified the following four as the most important:

    Employee relationships: Although some may not see this as an issue, I have come across it many times. When employees are in-house, they know one another and know how to interact well with one another. If you are outsourcing your IT, you may or may not get the same engineer showing up every time. That means your employees must get used to different contractors and how they work. With an in-house IT staff, relationships can form and solidify. Of course, that’s not to say relationships with outside staff can’t be built. But bringing in IT from the outside causes a fluctuation. It may not always be a problem, but I have seen it create issues to the point that an engineer was banned from being deployed to a client.”

    This issue can be alleviated by hiring outsourced employees who work hard, take initiative, accept responsibly and, most importantly, don’t come from such a wide cultural difference that attempted integration simply cannot help but fail. At Be Different Solutions, we only employ such people – and we guarantee a positive, beneficial relationship between our employees and yours.

    Liability: There are certain instances where information or situations can become a liability when a third-party is brought in. Security measures may need to be implemented to protect company data, employees, systems… everything can become a liability. You never know when data is accidentally going to walk off on an external hard-drive or be left in a car and stolen. You add another piece to the puzzle, and more things can go wrong. Add to that the fact that no one is going to treat your company data with the care and importance that someone in-house will.”

    This is exactly why we never recommend using companies that hodge-podge their support staff or outsourcing together. There is simply nothing more unsecure then hiring staff from all over the globe and having them work remotely. Where is the accountability? And beyond simple issues of performance accountability, how are you going to legally hold someone accountable should they do something like steal data when they are employed on the other side of the world? All Be Different Solutions employees are working from our office and are fully vetted by our management, who possess years of experience in the hiring and placement process. Each employee is also locked into a contract and held accountable legally, which greatly decreases your risk factor.

    Priority: This is a big one. Your company will most likely be on a long list of companies your outsourced IT company works with. Who gets priority? Honestly? The company that spends the most will get top priority. If that’s not you, that means you’ll get bumped down when that big spender tells the outsourced IT company how high to jump. If you want to remain on top of the priority list, you will either have to spend a lot of cash or keep your IT in-house.”

    Be Different Solutions only offers dedicated or semi-dedicated offerings. These are your employees. Be careful where you outsource. Many places will tell you they’re giving you a dedicated solution, but in reality you have many people working under that one individual you thought you hired – or you have one person working for not just your company, but many other companies as well. How else can you offer a service so cheap other than by spread-loading the assets over many customers?

    Continuity: This takes into consideration many of the previous points. When your IT is outsourced, you’ll constantly need to redirect engineers, retrain people with regard to conduct and security, and deal with a fluctuating IT schedule you have no control over. And when a variety of engineers step in, issues will be resolved differently and setups can be completed without regard to in-house.”

    Places like India are starting to find a rapid increase in their cost. As their economy grows, the price for skilled labor increases – and skilled laborers move to better-paying jobs and leave unskilled laborers to fill the void. This is happening in India right now, and being chronicled in writing more and more.

    Simply put, it’s hard to have “continuity” when your outsourcing firm is a revolving door for the employees they hire. Be Different Solutions finds employees that make a career out of their job with us – and we pay them more to ensure this. This is why we will never compete with India on price alone.

    If you’re ready to approach outsourcing the right way – and the intelligent, successful way – contact us here at Be Different Solutions. We’ll make sure you steer clear of these and other common outsourcing problems.

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